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devotions: season of harmony

Colorado Trail 

“Life and Death,” replied Confucius,
“possession and loss, success and failure, poverty and wealth,
virtue and vice, good and evil report hunger and thirst, heat and cold—
these are changes of things in the natural course of events.

Day and night they follow upon one another,
and no man can say where they spring from.

Therefore they must not be allowed to disturb the natural harmony, 
nor enter into the soul's domain.

One should live so that one is at ease and in harmony with the world, without loss of happiness,
and by day and by night, share the (peace of) spring with the created things.

Thus continuously one creates the seasons in one's own breast.
Such a person may be said to have perfect talents.”

            Tao, Chuangtse (Lin Yutang tr)

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