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devotions: differences

A critic may object, saying that peoples, races, tribes and communities of the world are of different and varied customs, habits, tastes, character, inclinations and ideas, that opinions and thoughts are contrary to one another, and how, therefore, is it possible for real unity to be revealed and perfect accord among human souls to exist?

In answer we say that differences are of two kinds. One is the cause of annihilation and is like the antipathy existing among warring nations and conflicting tribes who seek each other's destruction, uprooting one another's families, depriving one another of rest and comfort and unleashing carnage. The other kind which is a token of diversity is the essence of perfection and the cause of the appearance of the bestowals of the Most Glorious Lord.

Consider the flowers of a garden: though differing in kind, colour, form and shape, yet, inasmuch as they are refreshed by the waters of one spring, revived by the breath of one wind, invigorated by the rays of one sun, this diversity increaseth their charm, and addeth unto their beauty.

                                                                                                ~ Abdu'l-Baha


  1. Think of all men as a pizza pie with an olive in the exact center. Different religious persuasions are slices of that pie and all point to the center, the god of each faith. The toppings on each slice of pie may vary a little and be placed slightly different, but they are still pizza pie. War and strife come when one of the pieces thinks he is the only piece that is worthy of walking a point path to the Divine. Jo Hammers the Mystic

  2. Jo, thank you for the wonderful visual! And every slice of that pizza tastes great! I love pizza so thanks for your contribution.


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