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violence: a poem

Print by Roary Tubbs of Oklahoma

By the time my daughter turned 16 she lost three friends, one to a car accident and two through violence. This is her poem.


Whether we like it or not
It's a part of our lives.
And each and every day
There is one life that strives.

Long ago,
I had a friend.
And sadly enough,
Violence brought his end.

By seeing what's happening
Day after day.
I hope we can teach people
Not to act this way.

Violence is not a game,
Or a fun thing to play.
So look in your hearts
And find a way.

A way to peace,
A way to love.
Because hatred is something
We don't need more of.

I hope you all
Realize the choice.
The choice we have
To raise our voice
And stop the violence!

Sally M.

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