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spinach pastries: super easy

A friend gave me some ready-made puff pastry which I have always wanted to try, with the right recipe... but the pastry label instructions were printed in Hebrew and I didn't have a recipe so it truly was experimental. My favorite kind! Makes me feel like a scientist ;-)

I rummaged around for filling ingredients and I came up with frozen chopped spinach (thawed), crumbled feta cheese and chopped walnuts. Kind of a Greek theme. I added one egg, garlic and the following dried spices: basil, dill and zatar, plus salt and pepper.

This was also the perfect time to try a new pastry tool I found in a local kitchen shop. It cuts the pastry, then holds it while filling, folds it over and pinches it shut. But don't squeeze too hard, yikes!

Here's a visual summary of the steps:

Before popping them in the oven brush each pastry with a little egg wash to make them shine! These were popular at the last potluck party and easy to travel with (especially when walking)!

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