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art in the afternoon: oil pastel resist

An art friend introduced me to an elementary art project using oil pastels and paint to create a resist effect. I drew a collection of simple designs in pencil (that's my speed - simple!), colored them in with oil pastels and painted over the whole thing in a watercolor layer. More than one watercolor shade could be used. I enjoyed learning something new (and simple!). It would be fun to experiment further to enhance the watercolor effect. Even more fun - doing this with my grandkiddies!

Unfortunately I was enjoying myself so much I forgot to snap photos of the process! I have no photos of the "before" watercolor layer. I was living in the moment!


  1. OH DEBI !
    i love these! they make me happy. that make me happy in the same way matisse does!

    1. Happy is good! Happy is a great compliment! I had to look up Matisse's style as I couldn't place it, and yes it is very colorful and uplifting! I love how he uses patterns to fill in areas. Very cool!


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