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single snapshot: times five

I got carried away. Here's five versions of a single snapshot - after editing in Pixlr. Something about this photo caught my imagination. I'm standing in the early morning glow of a sunrise. I had just woken up.

Snapshot: Popularly defined as a photograph that is "shot" spontaneously and quickly, most often without artistic or journalistic intent. Common snapshot subjects include events of everyday life.

original shot - my wall paint is soft white in normal daylight.

Overlay:  darn, I forgot which one.  Border: none

Overlay: Flame - gap. Border - none

Overlay: grunge - blocked. Borders: old and perga. This one is my favorite.

Overlays: paper - butterflies, dotted, skirt. vignette - uneven. Border - cracked


  1. It's so fun to play around with the photos. I actually love the original one. It's so ethereal.

    1. Hi Annette - I do like the original as well. Sometimes playing around can last a long time and other things don't get done :-) Thanks for your thoughts and your visit!

  2. I can't decide which one I like better :), like you maybe the grunge overlay. Thank you for partying with us, have a fabulous weekend!

  3. Gorgeous! I love the second one and the fourth (your favorite); all of them are beautiful!


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