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around israel: grand canyon mall

I rode the bus to the largest mall in Israel, the Grand Canyon Mall in Haifa.  Before I entered the mall, my bags were checked by a security guard while I walked through a detector.

Once inside, there were three levels...the choice of shops almost overwhelming. 150 in all!! One noticeable difference compared to malls in the states - most of these shops are small, and more specialized, but like most malls, there were plenty of clothing and shoe shops. Some even share the same space, with the merchandise set up in a way to visually separate the two.

The lighting immediately caught my attention!

As did the food venues and cafés! Note the comfy seating.

I walked. I ate. I walked. I saw food everywhere!

This was a lot more fun than our typical fast food courts at home.

  The donuts were tempting but I resisted...

The kitchen shops were my favorite and there were plenty to browse in! I found a gourmet shop with spices and teas in baskets, attractively arranged on counters. A feast for the senses!!

Most labels are in Hebrew which is the official language in Israel, followed by Arabic and Russian. Every once in a while I come across print in English. Less than half of the Israelis I encounter speak English fairly comfortably, or at least enough to communicate. Every place I stopped in, the clerks were very helpful and attentive. A few have a table set up outside their entry just for wrapping your glass items or gifts.

It's a great place to take some time to wander around on a rainy day and sit at one of the cafés for a rest and a drink before getting back on the bus. :-)


  1. Thanks for taking us along on your trip to the Mall! Who would have thought it would be so interesting!

    1. Thank you Beti. Every time I go out I see something new and different. It's very exciting really, not quite knowing what to expect.


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