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watercolor love: wet wash with pen and ink

Watercolor Lesson 101 by Lori at Studio Waterstone has asked us to draw on top of our (dried) wet wash painting with an ink pen. I don't think I have the "right" pen, so I'm using a Zig Writer because I know it's waterproof and lightfast. It's an experiment, so one uses what one has! 

I don't know where I was going with the drawing, but I remind myself that it's about the mantra lately, and just keep going. I tore my wet wash painting into sections because I didn't like it the way it was. An added benefit - it made four small drawing areas which felt more manageable...and I love the torn edges!

Fantasy Forest

Fantasy Forest is from the upper left section of the wet wash paper. Other than dabbing a bit of paint on the butterfly, I did not paint any additional areas on top of the original wash.

Did you happen to notice the creature in the forest? Well, his head anyway! I actually enjoyed this lesson. I'm now staring at the second torn portion of my paper.... :-)


  1. I love you fantasy forest! I think any pen that works is the right pen!

  2. Oh my, what an incredible difference that makes, doesn't it??! LOVE your fantasy forest, I think that's a definite keeper. The pen worked great! As soon as I can, I want to go back to the start of these lessons and work through them, they look wonderful.

  3. Thank you ladies! I enjoyed not knowing exactly what I was doing :-) Please join us as soon as you can, Lori! The more the merrier!

  4. Oh my! What wonderful, creative work! I love that you tore it into different pieces to work with and created an imaginative fantasy forest. You're so right, it's the journey.


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