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watercolor love: wet wash I

I had some time recently to continue playing with paint (I ignored the chores). The first background color I chose was supposed to be red, but on paper was actually hot pink.

sunset in the desert

That was a surprise, but since I didn't have a plan it didn't matter. After adding a few more colors and enjoying the process of watching them mingle together, I remembered that sprinkling salt on the wet paint could add some interesting effects. I'm not convinced that I applied it correctly, as it doesn't look like the photos in the art technique books I've seen.

That's okay. I can go with the flow! I think that's also part of the process I need to embrace more fully.

The combination of colors and paint effects remind me of the Southwest red rocks and desert back home. I'll call this little piece of paper the "Sunset in the Desert". I miss Colorado and the Rocky Mountains so much! Maybe my subconscious was speaking through the paint.  :-)

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  1. I love to look at the work of fellow experimenters! Salt, huh? I'll have to try that! I love your wash!


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