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around israel: bead shopping in haifa

I'm lucky that I can walk down the hill from my flat (on Mount Carmel) a ways, turn right and there it is. Beads! Just about everything an American beader would want is offered here! I don't know the English name of this bead shop on Allenby Street, but I do write about it in a previous post. On this trip I chatted with a friendly Russian girl, working in the shop, who hopes to open an Esty store of her own to sell her beautiful beadwork. She was very helpful and patient with my questions. I'm just going to post my bead finds here and wish you happy beading or shopping! Maybe both?

I had to add the last photo! It's a shot of the bag my beads came in. A keeper! It'll be great for paper art.

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  1. Very cool, Debi! Do they have things available that are particular to Israel? Love the previous story of your lunch with the owners.

    1. Lori, so far I haven't found anything in particular, unfortunately. But I also haven't been to any other bead shops yet! I'm hoping to answer that question myself when I go to the Tel Aviv bead shops!

  2. I love the hand, the wing, the heart, the bird and oh yeah I love all the beads and the bag is really cool.

  3. Anonymous6/11/2014

    Did you ever get to the Tel Aviv bead stores? Any you'd recommend? Thanks.


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