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bead soup blog party #7

I'm participating in my first Bead Soup Blog Party along with 500 other bead enthusiasts! Everyone is paired up with someone from somewhere in the world and we send our partner a package of beads including a focal bead and decorative clasp. We don't know anything about each other before selecting and sending our bead soup. That's what makes it so much fun!

Everyone posts their bead soup gift on their blogs.  Then we have the fun of designing a new piece of jewelry using beads we may never have chosen for ourselves. Next comes the big "reveal". On a designated day we all post our finished designs on our blogs, and of course will blog hop to see what everyone else has done. I can't wait! I'll be posting what I sent to my partner and what I receive. My reveal date is 6 April, 2013. Please come back by!

Lori of Bead Soup Party paired me with Solange in France. She has an Etsy shop and a blog. I love the pieces posted on her blog this week! I just mailed her bead soup yesterday and am waiting for her package to arrive here in Israel. I love the excitement and the mystery!

Here's a teaser of what I mailed to her, altered of course, so she can't peek!

Bead Soup mailed to France



  1. Wow! What fun!

    500 blogs in the hop! Clear the browser after the hop? :-)...just sayin'

  2. I can't wait to receive my soup. I am sure, I am going to love it. I love both of them, colour is just fantastic. Thank you so much and I am so happy to be your partner.

  3. Anonymous2/11/2013

    Sounds like fun. I hope you show what you get and what you make.

  4. You are so going to enjoy this party, last year was my first time and I couldn't wait for this years. Have fun!

  5. Yes, I am very excited to take part in this party. It's just the thing to expand my "bead world" while here in Israel. I have a limited selection of beads with me, so I hope my partner will like my choices!

    I will indeed share photos of the bead soup before and the finished piece after! Thanks ladies!!


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