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in my studio: bead color palette for redheads

I plan to create a few pieces of jewelry to brighten up my wardrobe of winter dark tones.  I went online to research the best colors for redheads (I'm a dark auburn shade) and found the overwhelming majority of opinions point to autumn shades of coppery browns, golds, rust, peachy coral, moss green, teal, eggplant and one of my favorites, hot turquoise!

My closet is full of "safe" colors like black, grey and white, which may work well for a winter person, but not so uplifting for us autumn people! Its time to add color! I tried to remember when I let color slip away and the only thing I could come up with is when I decided to simplified my possessions, I somehow equated the "simple look" with all neutral colors.

After browsing Etsy, here are some bead color possibilities using the suggestions mentioned above. I think any combination of these shades using gold findings (like spacers, clasps and ear wires) will produce a nice looking design full of eye-catching color.

While back in the states this month my wardrobe received a boost of these same autumnal colors after shopping (with my friend Diane, who happens to be a power shopper!) at a few secondhand and discount clothing stores. I was surprised and pleased with the selection and prices and love that I'm using less resources by recycling already made items. Can't beat that! 


  1. Great pictures of your family!! Happy New Year to you!!!

    Peace & Love,

  2. Right on the money Debi, I can't wait to see what you make.

  3. Thank you ladies! Let's hope 2013 brings a measure of peace to all!

  4. It looks like creativity is flowing in 2013. I also will be looking forward to your new creations.

    All the best,
    Jo Ann


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