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more photos from my Hadar shopping day in Israel

A friend and I spent a day Christmas shopping in Haifa before flying home for the holidays. We walked around an area called the "Hadar" where many small but diverse shops are located. The Hadar has Israeli and Russian stores, while the Wadi is mainly Christian Arab shops. I really enjoy the diversity this city offers. These are random photos of our day.

I was so impressed with a wall of buttons!

Lots of bling here in Israel!!

The local subway to travel up or down Carmel Mountain.

A book I'm sure my grandson would like. But it's in Russian...

Display in a Russian bookstore.

Walking down Herzel toward the Wadi

Lunch break! Falafel time!

Building art in the Wadi

Eating lunch on the street

Preparing the lights at the top of this huge Christmas tree.

new peaceful beginnings

 One of my favorite peace ladies...

New Peaceful Beginnings


standing on a street corner in Haifa, Israel

I'm standing on a street corner in front of this art store, while waiting for a friend to finish inside, and passed the time by taking random point and shoot photos. We spent the afternoon in the Hadar shopping district of Haifa. That's it for the street corner stake-out. More photos of our afternoon coming soon.


watercolor love: color mixing chart

I sat down with a new artist friend for a casual fun visit to play with paint color mixing while discussing color theory. It has always been a dream of mine to paint with watercolors, creating one of those magnificent flower paintings where the colors just pop off the paper in all it's flowing gorgeous intense beauty. 

Well, I think that's going to be quite a stretch, but a girl can dream! I just love the thrill of seeing what the paint will do when it connects with water or another pigment. Seeing the colors I could create felt like magic.

My paint tubes are by Daniel Smith and I ordered them from Cheap Joe's in the US. I have no affiliation to Cheap Joe's. I am passing it along because I think these paints are fabulous and Cheap Joe's is a great company to deal with. Their customer service is outstanding!

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