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local natural food store in Haifa

There aren't many places in Haifa to buy organic, so when I learned about this health food store I was on it! I felt right at home among the dried herbs, Dr. Bonner's soaps, and the agave nectar I spotted on the shelf. The owner, a pleasant older man, has owned the store for 17 years and seems very knowledgeable about the products he carries. I chose so many items I wasn't sure I brought enough shekels to pay for them, but he assured me that I could pay the balance next time! Organic produce, meat and other products are quite pricey here, even more so than at home (the US). I plan to make the range-free no hormone chicken I purchased stretch pretty far!

The apples are so sweet!

Entire purchase.

NIS 358 shekels or US 88 dollars total.

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