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in my studio: beaded wrap prayer bracelets

A Bahá'i friend asked if I could create a wearable prayer bead bracelet. It sounded like a great idea so I designed these bracelets with nineteen sets of beads to be counted five times around (the most prominent bead in each set) for a total of ninety-five repetitions, which represents the number of times "Allah-u-Abhá" (God is Most Glorious) is repeated daily by Bahá'i's.

Each bracelet wraps around the wrist three times for a nice multi-strand style or wear as a single strand bead necklace. They are 22" long and made with Swarovski crystals, fresh water pearls and Czech glass beads of various color themes.

"It hath been ordained that every believer in God, the Lord of Judgement, shall, each day, having washed his hands and then his face, seat himself and, turning unto God, repeat "Allah-u-Abha" ninety-five times. Such was the decree of the Maker of the Heavens when, with majesty and power, He established Himself upon the thrones of His Names."

- Baha'i Scripture

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