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august: an evening visit to the Shrine of the Báb

The evening is a more pleasant time of day to visit the Shrine during the summer heat and humidity of Haifa. A gentle breeze blows from the sea and the stone walk way feels cool on one's bare feet. (Shoes are removed before entering).

Close by prayer books are offered for guests, if they wish to take one into the Shrine for silent prayers.
When entering the Shrine there's an immediate feeling of peace and calm. The air is fragrant with the perfume of roses. Persian carpets cover the floors for comfortable seating.

It's a place of prayer and meditation. Reflection. One can offer prayers for loved ones, mention those who have passed into the Abhá Kingdom, or simply sit quietly at rest.

When one is finished, the gardens surrounding the Shrine is the perfect place to relax and experience the beauty of nature.

To learn more about The Shrine of the Báb and the Bahá'i Gardens, including visiting  information, please see Sacred Destinations

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