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a moment of peace - around the world for one minute

Remember Peace painting by Singleton of Florida, USA
I've taken the following information from a Face Book public event page titled "A Minute of Silence, A Moment of Peace" to share with you.

Individuals, organizations and countries are being asked to observe a Minute of Silence - Moment of Peace on Peace Day, Friday September 21 2012, at 12 noon local time. This simple yet profound and practical action demonstrates that personal and planetary Peace are one. 

 In 1983, in commemoration of the annual International Day of Peace and in solidarity with the United Nations, Pathways To Peace inaugurated a Minute of Silence of Peace at 12:00 Noon in each time zone that resulted in a Peace Wave around the world. This observation of a noon Minute of Silence - Moment of Peace has grown throughout the world, and has been celebrated on the International Day of Peace. The heart of International Day of Peace is the Minute of Silence - Moment of Peace, with the idea of a 24-hour Peace Wave at noon in each time zone. During Peace Day, all forms of media (both physical: TV, radio, short-wave radio, internet, and “meta” physical: prayer, meditation, silence, drums, etc.) are used to communicate a new message and to convey the thoughts, images, sounds and acts of Peace throughout the Peace Wave of 24 hours around the world. The International Day of Peace, and the Minute of Silence - Moment of Peace, is a shared and practical act of Peacebuilding in which all individuals, organizations and nations can participate.

This year Pathways To Peace through their new Culture of Peace Initiative website and platform, has created a unique tool to bring all these ceremonies as one: see:

Please watch, share, and/or participate, wherever you are in the world. 


in my studio: more beaded wrap prayer bracelets

These bracelets have new homes as far away as Uganda and Australia. I've made them with nineteen bead sets for Bahá'i's, who can use them in daily prayer, if they wish, by repeating "Allah-u-Abhá" (God is Most Glorious) ninety-five times. I first posted about these prayer bracelets earlier in the month.


devotions: art is a gift

"All art is a gift of the Holy spirit. When this light shines through the mind of a musician, it manifests itself in beautiful harmonies. Again, shining through the mind of a poet, it is seen in fine poetry and poetic prose. When the Light of the Sun of Truth inspires the mind of a painter, he produces marvelous pictures. These gifts are fulfilling their highest purpose, when showing forth the praise of God."

'Abdu'l-Baha quoted in The Chosen Highway


local natural food store in Haifa

There aren't many places in Haifa to buy organic, so when I learned about this health food store I was on it! I felt right at home among the dried herbs, Dr. Bonner's soaps, and the agave nectar I spotted on the shelf. The owner, a pleasant older man, has owned the store for 17 years and seems very knowledgeable about the products he carries. I chose so many items I wasn't sure I brought enough shekels to pay for them, but he assured me that I could pay the balance next time! Organic produce, meat and other products are quite pricey here, even more so than at home (the US). I plan to make the range-free no hormone chicken I purchased stretch pretty far!

The apples are so sweet!

Entire purchase.

NIS 358 shekels or US 88 dollars total.

Persian yogurt & cucumber dip

Another "borrowed" dish from my Persian friends here in Israel. Truly most refreshing right now during the heat of an August evening.

Very easy to make: Grate one small cucumber into a bowl. Add about 1 cup (or a little more) of Greek yogurt, 1 teaspoon of dry mint and salt and pepper to taste. Stir lightly. That's it!

I do like to add dry dill weed and garlic sometimes too. A great side with almost any meat and rice dish, or even on top of a green salad.


devotions: a man's heart

Let them look not upon a man's colour but upon his heart. If the heart be filled with light, that man is nigh unto the threshold of his Lord; but if not, that man is careless of his Lord, be he white or be he black.

Bahá'i Writings


one thousand steps

Haifa has an interesting maze of stone stairs connecting the many levels of streets on Mount Carmel. I haven't figured out where most of them go yet, but I'm looking forward to walking the one thousand steps tour in Haifa when the fall season returns. Luckily I only walk ninety six of those one thousand steps to work every morning!

This section connects my street to my work place

Scenery along the way. This home has great "curb appeal!"

Looking back down. You can just see the car on the street below.

The top of "Koresh" stairs. I hang a right and walk toward the Teaching Centre.


devotions: renewal

Bahji at sunset - Israel

...Do not lose heart...
Outward man is perishing, 
yet inward man is being renewed day by day...
We do not look at the things which are seen, 
but at the things which are not seen.
 For the things which are seen are temporary, 
but the things which are not seen are eternal.

2 Corinthians 4:16-18  


august: an evening visit to the Shrine of the Báb

The evening is a more pleasant time of day to visit the Shrine during the summer heat and humidity of Haifa. A gentle breeze blows from the sea and the stone walk way feels cool on one's bare feet. (Shoes are removed before entering).

Close by prayer books are offered for guests, if they wish to take one into the Shrine for silent prayers.
When entering the Shrine there's an immediate feeling of peace and calm. The air is fragrant with the perfume of roses. Persian carpets cover the floors for comfortable seating.

It's a place of prayer and meditation. Reflection. One can offer prayers for loved ones, mention those who have passed into the Abhá Kingdom, or simply sit quietly at rest.

When one is finished, the gardens surrounding the Shrine is the perfect place to relax and experience the beauty of nature.

To learn more about The Shrine of the Báb and the Bahá'i Gardens, including visiting  information, please see Sacred Destinations


devotions: truth

Facing Haifa Bay from the terrace in front of The Shrine of The Báb
Meditate profoundly, that the secret of things unseen may be revealed unto you, that you may inhale the sweetness of a spiritual and imperishable fragrance, and that you may acknowledge the truth that from time immemorial even unto eternity the Almighty hath tried, and will continue to try, His servants, so that light may be distinguished from darkness, truth from falsehood, right from wrong, guidance from error, happiness from misery, and roses from thorns.
Bahá'i Writings
* * *


market day dish: salad Shirazi

Persian Salad Shirazi

Simple and refreshing. This Persian side dish is often served with dinner. I learned how to make this salad in an informal Persian cooking class here in Israel and now I make it a lot. My understanding is that its named after the city of Shiraz in Iran.

In a medium size bowl toss together 3 large cubed tomatoes, 2 small style cubed cucumbers, 1 small chopped onion, about 2 T. fresh lime or lemon juice (whichever you have on hand), about 1 T. fresh chopped mint, but dry mint works too, and a few dashes of salt and pepper.

Serve cold.


in my studio: beaded wrap prayer bracelets

A Bahá'i friend asked if I could create a wearable prayer bead bracelet. It sounded like a great idea so I designed these bracelets with nineteen sets of beads to be counted five times around (the most prominent bead in each set) for a total of ninety-five repetitions, which represents the number of times "Allah-u-Abhá" (God is Most Glorious) is repeated daily by Bahá'i's.

Each bracelet wraps around the wrist three times for a nice multi-strand style or wear as a single strand bead necklace. They are 22" long and made with Swarovski crystals, fresh water pearls and Czech glass beads of various color themes.

"It hath been ordained that every believer in God, the Lord of Judgement, shall, each day, having washed his hands and then his face, seat himself and, turning unto God, repeat "Allah-u-Abha" ninety-five times. Such was the decree of the Maker of the Heavens when, with majesty and power, He established Himself upon the thrones of His Names."

- Baha'i Scripture

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