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Haifa street walk - Israel

Local pics of an older area in Haifa, down the hill from the Bahá'i World Centre.

Common to see geraniums growing in pots. At times its the only color against so much beige, which really makes them stand out.

Most apartment buildings are beige like this one :-)

Fun sculpture in a road median area. Unexpected!

Typical to have clothes drying on special clotheslines made for windows. Not sure how it works with all the birds around here...

One of many small neighborhood markets. Makes it easy to pick up some produce on the way home.

"Homey" apartment building I walk by everyday

Cute idea!


  1. Oh my goodness I love every bit of this, the flower boxes, the clothes lines, the small roadside market. Dreamy.

  2. Hi Amber! Dreamy isn't quite the word that comes to mind when I'm out walking in over 90 degree heat with humidity...but I can appreciate what you mean, lol :-)

    Most daytime hours are spent inside, perhaps gazing out at the Mediterranean from my dining room window!

  3. Hi Dixie - Well, it would be even better without the countless utility type of paraphernalia on every roof of every building! Here's a previous post with my "real" view!!

    The purple blossomed trees are a springtime wonder.


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