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brunch at Gals, a local Israeli café

Gals Bakery, in Haifa, is one of those places no one knows about unless you're a local. I was thrilled to learn about this sweet spot at the suggestion of a friend.

It's a very laid-back atmosphere, with plants and bamboo ceiling, and thank goodness air conditioning, to make it a pleasant place to read the newspaper or gather with a few friends.

That's my chair, on the left. :-)

In no time at all our bread is brought to us. I'm expecting the entree to come later...

Bread baskets for EACH person! Oh yeah!

Then the condiments are set out. Everything below is just for me!

Top left to right: something pickled; sour cream, more pickled, olives, jelly,
sesame covered cheese, butter and cream cheese with chives.
Savory tart in the background was a mix of tuna, pickles and chopped boiled egg.

That's it for now, right? We'll just eat the bread with the condiments while we wait for our eggs. Nope. Now comes our...

Vegetable salad with tofu and granola on the side. Fresh squeezed orange juice.

And then immediately following is our egg dish...

Omelet with cheese and fresh herbs.

Now we can eat! And we did!

I got a few looks during my picture taking session, but it's worth it. I'm loving the presentation and variety served. Altogether the meal was 55 shekels or about US$14.

I'll be back. There are a lot of pastries to test!


  1. Wow, I am so jealous! It looks so good! I love cafe's!!! Looks like your having fun!

  2. I LOVE Israeli breakfasts! They are the best meal to go out for. We often share one - they are so big! Yours looks delicious.

  3. I was very impressed! Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, so I was a happy camper!


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