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may: Ridván Garden

I spent time at this lovely garden spot during the mild month of May. For Baha'is, the Ridván Garden, near Akká has spiritual significance. "It's one of the most beautiful holy places associated with the presence of Baha'u'llah here during the late 19th century."

Detail of a bench


market day dish: fresh salsa for those chips

Friday's are one of my favorite days in Israel as it's the first day of the weekend and a busy market day around town. It may be because Saturday is the Sabbat and most stores are closed. I live near the Hadar, a shopping area in an older section of Haifa, with the Wadi section just north of the Hadar, where one can find an open air produce market offering tables full of fresh fruits and vegetables.

I miss a nice fresh salsa to dip my corn chips into, so I filled my bag with everything needed to fix a bowlful. 

Simple to make! Finely chop all of the following: 1 onion, about 7-8 ripe tomatoes, 1 green, yellow or orange bell pepper, (but not red, it'll clash with the tomatoes. You want it to look colorful!), 1 jalapeno pepper in your preferred hotness degree, 2-4 garlic cloves and a bit of fresh cilantro leaves. Add salt & pepper to taste. Mix and chill. Best eaten within 3-4 days.



in my studio...quick and easy

Since moving to Israel my time has been full of new work duties, getting settled and adjusting to a new environment.  It hasn't been easy!  But bringing a few bead and jewelry supplies have helped to stay in touch with my "creative self", even if it's only for brief periods of time when possible.  Which is why my first two pieces are quick and simple!

Flower Blossom dangle earrings

Bead Wrap Bracelet


Louis Promenade overlooking Haifa Bay and the sea

One of my very favorite spots to take a moment and rest awhile during my walks around Haifa.  I never get tired of looking out at the blue, blue Mediterranean!  Ranked 5th of best places to be in Haifa.

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