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Old City of Jerusalem

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of a walking tour of the "Old City" of Jerusalem. It was a fascinating, interesting and beautiful place to spend the day. I was awestruck knowing this area is the birthplace of at least three major religions! Below are a few of my favorite photos.

Standing on the "Mount of Olives" over-looking the Old City

Prayer candles outside the tomb of Mary Magdalene

One of many lanterns in Mary's tomb.

One of eight entries into the Old City

Inside the walls of the Old City

Moslim Quarter Market

Private door in the Jewish Quarter

There's a story behind this ladder but I don't remember enough to be accurate.

Alter brought by the Crusaders nine hundred years ago.


  1. Hi! Those are beautiful pictures!! Happy Holidays to you !! Peace and Love, Sasa

  2. Thanks for the "tour"!

  3. Beautiful photography! I especially love the first and the doorway, but they are all wonderful. Thanks for sharing your trip!

    Julie Magers Soulen Photography

  4. So glad you all could stop by and enjoy the photos. I love doors and windows for some reason. Thank you and happy holidays!


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