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in her words: be wonder

It's been quite some time since I've featured an artist here. Recently I met Shiri (on-line that is) from an ecological village in Israel, who is a wonderfully warm and peace-filled artist with amazing talent. Her Esty shop, Be Wonder, is full of colorful, lively hand painted peace items, including beautiful mandalas and card games!

Shiri was sixteen during the Gulf War and had a brother, sister and father in the army at the time. She can still recall hearing when bombs fell on Israel.

In her words: 

"I think anyone who experienced war in any way knows how bad it is! In my life, from the very beginning, I sing and pray for peace. My mum got pregnant with me after the Six-Day War, thinking that I will be born into a war free reality - same with all mothers and there are many songs about the 1974 born kids and the promise that couldn't be fulfilled.

I traveled the world wishing to become an international PEACE WARRIOR! But the path showed me that there is no way to run from your roots. So I tried to show people I have met the other face of Israel, the side that is not shown on media and most of the people were amazed to hear my stories. 

Painting and crafting for me is a deep liberating feeling of inner peace, and being on Etsy, touching (again) people from all walks of life through my art, is an overwhelming experience and a strong affirmation that my deep intentions are being passed on."

Cards of Wonder

Eco Friendly Greeting Cards

Blossom Mandala Canvas Art


  1. These are such beautiful cards! I really love the blend of colors.

  2. Hi Angela. Yes, aren't they wonderful? I fell in love with her use of color too. Thank you for stopping by to look :-)


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