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celebrating together in Israel!

Peace Card in eight languages by Be Wonder of Western Galilee, Israel

 I've learned there is a festival, close to my neighborhood, that celebrates three of the major religious December holidays! Chanuka, Christmas and Eid al-Adha.

It's called the Festival of Festivals, and takes place in Haifa's mixed Arab-Jewish Wadi Nisnas neighborhood. The festival promotes good neighborly relations by hosting cultural and artistic events throughout December.

 I hope to have an opportunity to learn more about this wonderful celebration and enjoy the fabulous Israeli art that I know is being displayed!


  1. I am honured to be here!!!!
    I think a lot about this time of the year
    From the begining of humanity this was the hardest time - cold and dark. People experinced survival in its harsh way! I feel that is why in ALL tradorions and religious there is a special light holiday - winter solstice....Celebration of the rebirth of light!

  2. Its a wonderful time to celebrate that light together. Thank you for your beautiful art and stopping by to share with us!


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