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spreading peace in the northwest

A while back I gave some peace rocks to my grand children so they could spread the message of peace. That was in Colorado. Now they live in Seattle, Washington, and sent this photo of their peace rocks, which they placed at a park in West Seattle, near the Puget Sound.

The peace rocks are hand painted by Sasa and sent all over to be left for others to find. Her blog address is on each rock! To learn more and to get your own peace rocks please visit Sasa's peace blog.


  1. Awesome!! Love your picture of your Grandsons! They are Super cool and cute! Thanks for spreading the peace, you Rock!!!


  2. They look like they are so happy! Very cool rocks!

  3. The boys look like they're having a great time...

  4. I so love Sasa's peace rocks...and it's brilliant to see you and your grandchildren spreading them round! :-)


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