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art for trees: in her words

Today is National Arbor Day, where here in the states tree planting is encouraged. I found this wonderful shop, Nestle and Soar, who has a tree planted by the Arbor Day Foundation for every order placed!

Georgianne Holland is a fiber folk artist working from her Colorado studio, Nestle and Soar. Birds and trees are often featured in her needle-felting fiber art and felt applique.

In her words: "Needle felting as an art is thousands of years old, and newly popular. I love birds, trees, and flowers! Natural and sustainable materials like organic linen, wool roving, and wool felt are key. Wool is my favorite material to use in my folk art - soft art for the home."

Robin Bird Peace Pillow

Freckled Egg Journal

Spring Tree Pillow

Redheaded Bird Journal


art picks: pick smart for the earth!

For Earth Day, April 22, 2011 I looked around Etsy to see how many reusable bags I could find to replace plastic or paper bags we might currently use for day-to-day activities. Now that stores (at least in my area) are eliminating plastic bags, YAY, and informing customers to bring their own bags, I wondered at the choices available. Check out these stylish bags and consider using them in honor of earth day, and everyday!

Retro Flour & Sugar Bags by Threadbare Stitcher

Reusable Sandwich Bag by Moja Creations

Recycled Bird Seed Market Bag by Frank Cluck

Heron Beach or Tote Bag by Sarahs Quilts n Crafts


devotions: earth prayer

Purple Coneflower photo by One Heart

May the earth continue to live
May the heavens above continue to live
May the rains continue to dampen the land
May the wet forests continue to grow
Then the flowers shall bloom 
And we people shall live again.

~ Hawaiian Prayer

*    *    *




change is in the air

Coral Peony Fine Art Photography by Judy Stalus of New Hampshire

It feels great to come out of the long cold Winter into the warmth and hope of Spring. I never fail to feel a sense renewal, which for me, also triggers motivation for change. More than ever Spring reminds me of living simple and the joy of less. The urge, almost a drive, to lighten my load even further, has taken hold.

Interesting that the Fall season has an almost opposite effect. A feeling of settling in, gathering supplies for the winter days of baking and cooking, or perhaps a favorite hobby to enjoy.

I thought I had trimmed my household last year, but no, I feel a strong need to take it to a new level. At the same time I'm thinking about what kinds of healthy habits can I adopt to improve my health, especially after such a stressful season personally. Did I maintain my usually consistent workout routine? No! Did I focus on eating sensibly and stay away from junk food? No! Did I get enough rest and go to bed when that little voice would say, "it's getting late..."? No!

I want my energy back. I want to sleep peacefully. I want to open my closet and see space between the hangers. (Almost there, but not quite.) I want to know I could pick up and move without too much trouble and fit into a space one third the size of my current home. (And I may do just that some time this year!) I want to eat healthy without a lot of fuss or expense. That's all. :-)

The following blogs and links are my inspiration:

Miss Minimalist shares a wonderful post about wardrobes and how to pare down smartly.

Rachel Meeks blogs about her simple daily living. Very enjoyable to visit, specially now as she writes about living in Italy. (My dream one day...)

Scott has a guest post on Zen Habits "The Zen of Real Food".

Jason Billows is tackling a 30 day no wheat diet that sounds so interesting I thought I'd try it too. It's just 30 days and he has such an encouraging attitude, I can't help but join him. 

Interesting read about creating a healthy non-toxic home by Organic Grace.

Is anyone else "unfurling" their petals this Spring and creating change? Please share! :-)


devotions: brotherhood

Brotherhood by Stefanski Studio, France

Behold, how good and how pleasant 
it is
for brethren to dwell together 
in unity.

Psalm 133:1 NKJV


etsy treasury: ffaw baubles and beads

Today is the monthly First Friday Art Walk on Etsy sponsored by the AWEteam. Below is a small sampling of art you will find by Etsy artists! Look on your own by using search word "firstfridayartwalk" or "ffawfineart" on Etsy.

These treasuries are curated by my fellow AWEteam members.

Baubles Bangles and Beads Jewelry Gallery by jcstrong

















Natural Surroundings by TouchOfSilver

Inspired by The High Plains Knitter's mosaic scarf...

















Spring ahead - Winter is Behind by ruthsartwork

















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