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in my studio: catching up

I've been away and now I'm back. Life is alive and kicking these days! My mother's brain surgery, a week ago today, was very successful. As of yesterday she was happily walking Zorro, her miniature long-haired chihuahua mix around the neighborhood, as though nothing had happened. I hope I have her strength at 72!

Two days after her surgery I fell ill and am just today feeling well enough to return to my normal routine. I missed my grandson's 7th birthday. He's a Leap Year baby! Ayyam-i-Ha celebrations passed me by as well. That's a Baha'i festival of giving service and gifts which usually last four days and is followed by the Nineteen Day Fast.

I haven't made a thing in my studio since my last posting a week ago and miss my time there a great deal. Hopefully I can snag a bit of time this weekend.

I would like to share a pretty Spring card I made a few years ago using a recycled watercolor painting scrap by Eva Arenas. Eva is a very talented painter from Southern Arizona who paints watercolors of Arizona landscapes and flowers. If you know of an artist who may have paintings they aren't happy with, ask if they would mind cutting the paintings into strips for you to recycle into new art. As someone who doesn't paint, I value these little works of art immensely!

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  1. A wonderful/creative method of upcycling and sharing an artist's contribution (scrap of art).


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