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in his words: joel traylor of JETgallery

The shades of color and interesting shapes of Joel Traylor's paintings first caught my eye. But what held my attention was a deeper sense of emotion evoked while looking closer at Joel's paintings. He shares thoughts about his work and a bit about each painting below. Thank you, Joel!

 In His Words:

"Many of my paintings over the years have included the themes of love, peace, growing, and awakening. It is not infrequent that someone comes into my booth at an art festival as exclaims "Wow, you must be happy all the time!" Truth is, sometimes I am a very happy person. Other times clouds of doom and gloom do not believe in, or remember, the light. Many of my paintings are reminders to that despite the dark night of the soul the sun DOES shine. The creative process itself is a powerful thing to experience. Through it you can know peace, release, layers of expanding awareness, and a positive kind of tension; the kind of tension a bud has right before it bursts into bloom. I urge everyone to create. It's awesome" 

Of Hope and Remembrance

"I did this painting in the weeks following 9.11.01. When tragedy strikes it is important for each of us to find our own way of processing grief and finding peace. Many people unite to sing, pray, hope, remember, and observe silence in candle light ceremonies. These candles are my vigil in a world so full of unrest. Instead of choosing fear: May we embrace our highest Hopes. May we Remember our essential unity. May we find the bravery to lay down fearful righteousness and seek an expanding knowledge of how we affect the world around us."

Siddharthas Awakening

This canvas was well underway when I began reading “Siddhartha” by Hermann Hesse. The story gave words to the feeling I was trying to convey.

After a long life of seeking, Siddhartha found himself in great despair. He wandered to a river, with thoughts of drowning himself:

“Siddhartha reached the long river in the wood… He stopped at this river and stood hesitatingly on the bank. Fatigue and hunger had weakened him. Why should he go any further, where and for what purpose? There was no more purpose, there was nothing more than a deep, painful longing to shake off this whole confused dream, to spit out this stale wine, to make an end of this bitter, painful life.”

Healing Hands

"The candles are soothing. The hands are powerful. You can see lines of energy between the giver and the receiver. I did this painting for a friend who is a massage therapist." 

Conversation Peace

"The two people face each other experiencing what I like to think of as awareness building reciprocal conversation. But that would be a strange title. So I called it Conversation Peace. I like the "piece" of conversation between them: The little waveform between their mouths that they both share."

Finding Balance

"I originally did this piece for an art show at a yoga studio. I've studied a bit of yoga over the years and to this day, the tree pose is one of the more challenging for me. I think about this painting in a broader sense, however. I feel that finding a sense of balance in life is something we all seek. Balance comes and goes. We find it, we lose it, we find it again. I suspect that the more we seek it the more we find it. And when we lose it again, perhaps we should heed the advice of good yoga teachers: Let go, breath, try again."

Enjoy more of Joel's art work at:

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and his website Joel Traylor Art

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  1. Those are so emotion inspiring pieces. The colors just rock me. I think Siddharta's Awakening has got to be my favorite. Thank you for sharing Joel. I'm going to look right now.



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