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women: thoughts for valentine's day

Veva's Home acrylic painting by Katie M. Berggren

St. Valentine's Day, on February 14th every year here in the USA,  is normally celebrated by expressing love to each other, usually in a romantic way between couples, but also to your children or grandparents and so on. It's one of my favorite "holidays" of the year. 

But I also think about the women and girls who aren't treated like sweethearts, and not just for one day, but everyday. And not just in my country, but worldwide. Or maybe in your family or your neighbor's just across the way. Or maybe you.

I want to share a few organizations in honor of women and girls worldwide who struggle everyday. For themselves and for their children. They won't be getting cute little valentine cards or a box of chocolates until fundamental changes are made in how we view the treatment of women and girls everywhere.

Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women agreement

International Violence Against Women Act


  1. Thank you so much for sharing my work and linking to the shop ~ I appreciate it. Thank you for sharing very worthwhile information/organizations, as well.
    Love & Sincerely, Katie

  2. What a beautiful post and I just LOVE that painting!

  3. I absolutle ADORE this painting! Great find!!!!!


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