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my other love: paper arts

I've been going through my other art room, full of paper, paint, markers, rubber stamps and all kinds of collage elements, when I came across a few cards from a few years ago. I was experimenting with different art techniques on background paper I learned from a book titled "Art Effects" by Jean Drysdale Green. She uses five mediums, inks, watercolors, acrylics, oils and pastels to create hundreds of different effects to use in paintings.


  1. This is my favorite kind of art. Multimedia. I don't like being confined by just one thing. My custom color portraits are full of different media to make one colorful and texturally pleasing creation. Charcoal, color pencil, pastels, acrylic, gives you a sense of freedom when there are no real rules.

  2. i love your paper art.very nice

  3. Oooh!...I love your jewelry, and now I also really like your paper art! You ARE multi faceted.


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