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in my studio: short but sweet

This week has been a challenge to find time to work in the studio, but I squeezed in a few hours and managed to create a couple of pieces worth posting. It really helps to have a goal of posting new work once a week!  Thank you blog :-)

Hand Stamped Brass Butterfly Necklace

Love Fearlessly (in Italian) Antiqued Brass Necklace


  1. great statement pieces..

  2. Beautiful butterfly and heart!! Love the sayings!

  3. i love the butterfly, i love the details in it.great work :)

  4. Are you selling your pieces? They are lovely!

  5. Thank you for your comment. I was selling my work on Etsy, but for now while living in Israel, I am on a sabbatical. When I return to the states I'll open my Etsy store again. Best wishes to you!


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