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in my studio: new work plus a giveaway

This week I didn't have too much in the way of mistakes, but instead acquired Max, a house guest in the form of a big grey cat. I like cats. A lot. But not in my work room. With beads and lots of fun little things lying around. And long tempting pieces of wire, cord and thread. You get the picture...and it's not a pretty one. I'm not used to closing doors behind me. Need I say more. Here's my newest creations in metal:

Nine Pointed Star Mixed Metal Necklace

 I'm showing the "imperfect" piece first, that is a combination of "mistakes". I had cut this silver star by hand a few months ago and didn't like how unbalanced the shape came out. (Not to mention how tedious it was!) In other words it wasn't perfect. To me. But I'm getting over the "it's got to look perfect" attitude and going with the "wow, this is okay...quirkiness and all". In other words, when it comes to metal a little imperfection works and is actually a good thing. I can roll with that. So the brass disc underneath wasn't perfect either :-)  I combined the two and now I'm happy.

Copper Nine Pointed Star Necklace with Turquoise. 

Stamped the words "You Are Here" and hung from a Dragonfly tail

Love Brass Medallion Necklace with Pearl. I like those dots! :-)

The AWE team, aka FIRST FRIDAY ART WALK ON ETSY is featuring my work on the team blog with a giveaway offer of a pair of earrings by me as part of the fun. If you like, hop on over and leave a comment to enter. It ends Feb.16th and a winner will be chosen on the 17th. Giveaway earrings are shown below.

Sterling Silver Earth Earrings with Natural Lapis Beads


  1. Great Job as usual. love it

  2. Beautiful necklaces!! Love the stars and love and everything! You Rock!! ☮  ♥

  3. Just signed up for the giveaway, so cool!!!! ☮ ♥

  4. Cats know who they like instinctively, and hey, what are friends for but to play with your work........... :) Great work too!

  5. Thank you Maria, Sasa (Alison) and John! It's wonderful to see your smiling faces here! Good luck with the giveaway, Sasa.

    John, cats really are good friends, even when they are such pests...such cute pests :-)

  6. I adore your jewelry, especially the message behind it. I can see you make this with all your heart, your creations are full of love, peace and tolerance. I enter your give away for sure!


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