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in his words: john of the healing seed

New Dawn

And what wonderful words too! I feel connected to many pieces of John's art, The Healing Seed, with poetic words written on each painting in a wonderfully spiritual kind of way. I chose a few of my very favorites that speak to the peacemaker spirit in me. 

I've made each painting as large as I can, for ease of reading his words. Each one of these paintings would make such a special gift, framed with something you chose that's just right for the recipient. 

John was kind enough to pass on some thoughts about peace as well:

In His Words:  
"In spiritual growth and maturity, peace is the first fundamental foundation, without its presence we are cast about by internal and external influences such as doubt, fear, ridicule etc.. With peace we view life and situations from a calm perspective allowing unconditional love then to take its place as the second fundamental foundation."

The Peaceful Warrior

The Stress Prayer

The Healing Prayer

The Path of Peace

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  1. I'm very fond of Asian Masters and their calligraphy and poetic works on paper.

    These paintings same to have a similar heartfelt message and artful strokes.

    OneHeart thanks for sharing...


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