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art picks: egypt

My thoughts are with Egypt and it's citizens as they work to build a new future.

Watching Over Egypt Fine Art Photography by kiwiokieStudio

Egyptian Pharoah Necklace by Serrelynda

Pryamids oil painting by Belphegore

Ankh Journal by The Goblin Traders

Remember Egypt ACEO by Linda Butterfly

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  1. How wonderful to see so many using their crafts to remember Egypt. Thanks for adding my Aceo.
    To me, the blue handshake signifies unity and strength; a steely strength shown by those in Cairo and other Egyptian cities at the moment.

  2. wonderful blog and the photo features are especially heart warming to our friends in Egypt

  3. Hi Debi, thanks for visiting. I love the photos, so many good thoughts winging their way across the world to Egypt must surely help. I add periodically to my Egyptian collection on our web site The Silver Lodge I think you have inspired me to make another piece!

  4. I hope Egypt will choose the right path, in this turbulent times for them, especially as we wish to continue a relationship of peace!


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