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affirmation for artists and others

Truth Beyond What the Eye Can See by Cheryl Strait  

My creativity leads me to truth and love.


  1. Debi - I would love to do a swap. Let's trade e-mails and we can meet further. I'm at simple-inspirations(at)hotmail(dot)com.

    Do you by any chance happen to know Cheshmak Farhoumand Sims? The Baha'i community can be a small one and Cheshmak is one of my cousins who knows everyone - I've sent her the link to your blog. She's now based out of Ottawa and teaches conflict resolution - I'm seriously tempted to buy your "Teach Peace" earrings for her.

    Check out the earring holders that I've made - I'm sure you can figure something out similar.

  2. Thank you so much for stopping by, and jumping onboard my Woodstock Lily blog. I love this piece, and your blog. I'm always blessed to meet kindred spirits, and artists living their dreams!

  3. It's refreshing stopping by and reading the affirmations. Thank you for sharing...


I appreciate your visit and taking the time to write! Peace and Love!

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