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in her words: the golden rule with victoria o'neill

Victoria O'Neill, of Artypantz, is an amazing mixed media artist who has created an interfaith color book, titled The Golden Rule, for all ages. This inspiring book features The Golden Rule excerpts from Traditional African Religion, Christianity, Buddhism, Baha’i Faith, Islam, Judaism, Hindu, Confucianism, and Native American Wisdom, along with beautiful images of butterflies, flowers, and birds.

In Her Words:
"Peace is accepting diversity and other perspectives, and the process of facing and attempting to resolve conflict. Peace can also mean rising above conflict by stepping aside or away from it when necessary. 

Following The Golden Rule is a personal step towards peace. It is such a universal basic spiritual solution to many of the problems we face. One day I was just struck with the idea of creating a coloring book about it......for every age.   It seemed that by coloring it one would be engaged in reading the various sacred texts, and perhaps spark conversation and action."

It's a cute size and folds out to about two feet and can be displayed on a shelf. Getting together with a group and coloring these books is very uplifting! Works best with colored pencils.

I ordered one for each of my grandchildren, so we can color together. I can't wait to see them! They are available in Victoria's etsy shop, individually packaged, or contact for bulk orders.

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  1. thank you so much for featuring The Golden Rule Coloring Book. :)

  2. I love Victoria O'Neill's art! Nice feature!


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