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snow day with julie magers soulen

I guess this could be like a Wordless Wednesday post :-) Except I'm going to talk about why I'm posting these beautiful photographs of snow! It's been on my mind for days, snow that is. I live at the base of the Pikes Peak Rocky Mountains where you would expect to find snow by this time of year, but we haven't had so much as a dusting thus far. 

Matter of fact, the last two days have been quite warm, with temperatures in the upper 50-60 degree range. So warm I had my windows open to the fresh air and watered the grass. Too warm actually, as we are now experiencing a severe drought which raises fire danger as well. 

But that may all change by tomorrow, according to the weather reports. So while I wait for real snow, here are some lovely Colorado photographs by Julie Magers Soulen, who lives in Northern Colorado and also has a shop on Etsy.

Colorado Winter Landscape "Icy Forest" by Julie Magers Soulen

"Crystal Rose" by Julie Magers Soulen

Colorado "Mesa Cottonwoods" by Julie Magers Soulen

"Lake Agnes" Colorado by Julie Magers Soulen

More words! I must say that my heart goes out to the Midwest and East with their horrible snow storms. It goes to show that either extreme isn't healthy. 


  1. LOVE Julie's photos! She constantly reminds me why I love living in Colorado.
    We're still waiting for snow here in Salida too. I must admit I'm loving this mild winter weather but hoping spring makes up for it with good drenching rains.

  2. I have been an admirer of Julie's photography since I discovered it. This is a wonderful post of her work!

  3. What a lovely post! Julie is an amazingly talented artist. One of her pieces hangs in my studio and uplifts me every day!

  4. I love Julie's work.

  5. beautiful pictures! We have a ton a snow up here in alberta at the moment

  6. I hear Alberta is quite the place to be if you like winter!

    Julie and I met while on the now defunct 1000 Markets website and even managed to meet for lunch in Loveland once! I enjoyed my visit very much and I continue to admire her photography.


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