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my first write-a-thon for human rights

Aung San Suu Kyi (T-shirt) by Little Burma Arts Guild

I signed up with Amnesty International's Global Write-a-Thon and pledged to mail letters to the governments of citizens who have been denied rights, prisoners of conscience, violated, unlawfully detained or some other unjust punishment or sentence.

Amnesty has chosen twelve people (cases) to feature that may benefit from these letters, and as a result, all citizens. My few letters will go to the governments of China, Iran, Democratic Republic of Congo, Guatemala and the US, right here at home.

I used the resource page to find samples of letters and addresses. After printing out my letters and signing them, I could only find hot turquoise and bright pink business envelopes available, so I decided to use them as I'm in a phase of using up what I have. I'll buy new stamps as I don't want to use my Sunday funnies and photos of dogs and cats. 

Someday we won't have to have write-a-thons to prod governments into doing the right thing. But for now, I guess it's going to take doing whatever needs doing to create change, no matter how small. Even a few letters.

The goal is 350,000 letters. As of 12/10/10 there are pledges of 250,240 letters.

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