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in her words: peaceful metalworks with susan hanna

I love metal. I love sculpture. And I love peace signs. (no kidding!) And have I mentioned I also love gardens? So when I came across Susan Hanna's metal sculpture peace signs, on Etsy, I just had to share her very cool art work here. Read why she chose peace signs:

In Her Words: Ever since childhood I wondered why disputes between or within countries couldn't be solved over a game of chess instead of in battle. I didn't understand how a problem, no matter how large, could be solved more effectively by counting bodies and prisoners than by capturing a chess opponent's carved marble king. As an adult, I have certainly lost some naivety regarding the complexities of war, but I am still left utterly confused about the advantages of war, where people throughout the world are left to carry permanent memories and scars. 

Group of steel peace signs

When the Iraq War began, I felt helpless by the tragedies I knew were to come. Many people in my area were displaying yellow ribbons outside their homes to show support for "our” troops. I, too, wanted to support our troops but I found myself struggling to figure out just who exactly that included.

Peace sign end table

Ultimately, what became clear to me was that “my” troops consist, not only of the soldiers fighting for my country, but of all people throughout the world. “My” troops deserve to live in a peaceful safe environment where children can learn that there are alternatives to violence. They deserve to live their lives without being exposed to, or living with the consequences that result from times of war. 

Peace sign wall sculpture

  So, in 2003, without any solutions, but with strong convictions, I set out to combine my art and my message, resulting in the creation of my first peace sign sculpture, which I placed at the end of my driveway. No, it wasn't a yellow ribbon, but it was absolutely a sign of support for our troops--for “my” troops. A sign that meant, “...bring our friends and family members more more war”. And for nearly eight years that is the message I put into every peace sign made since the very first one that stood at the end of my driveway.

Recycled "Circle of Hands" table

You can see more of Susan's work in her Etsy shop bluemetal

Visit her on the web at bluemetal

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  1. Lovely work. Peace and love.

  2. As long as this world is a place of opposites - yin and yang, or good vs. evil which define each other, then it is questionable how outer peace is possible.

    What has to change? One by one, we choose that our inner landscape has to become peaceful and then the outer landscape will change accordingly.

    How soon? Let me many truly peaceful people are there on the planet right now?

  3. Anonymous12/18/2010

    These Peace creations of Susan's look great in every garden, yard and home. On my wish list! Love them....Peace in hearts and homes.

  4. Sarah - Yin and Yang also flow together when balance is attained. The world as it is now, is not in balance. Spiritual progress, which is inner growth, has to happen first, as you say.

    For every evil in the world there is also good. At some point in the future, far beyond our lifetime, the good will prevail.

    I see us (the world right now) as planting seeds of peace and tolerance. Showing the generation ahead of us that it can be different and better than our past. That it HAS to be!


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