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in her words: nurturing peacemakers with amy kuhl cox

Amy is a parent and a Montessori teacher with a mission! A mission to cultivate our future peacemakers today, in the classroom and in her art. Yay, you go girl! I can't help it. Any teacher that spends time teaching peace and tolerance has my vote! 

I found one of Amy's peace ornaments on Etsy and that led me to her shop. She has many peace items available there, as well as several other websites with even more items, all with messages of peace and love. Some of her work is below, along with her thoughts on peace and why her focus is peace.

Signs of My Love Note Cards

In her words: Children's initial responses reflect compassion and empathy. It is our responsibility as parents and teachers to preserve that wonder and openness in children who will one day lead our world. We must cultivate that compassion in them. We must nurture tomorrow's peacemakers.

Kids T-Shirt

As a parent, I hope that my children will learn compassion for others, develop an interest and appreciation of other cultures, and celebrate the differences in us that make us unique.

Children Around the World Throw Pillow

Politics will continue to complicate our relationships. But when we see each person as special, unique, and valid and take a moment to understand her perspective, dreams, and basic needs, we will be closer to solving the world's problems.

Give Peace a Chance Ornament

Achieving peace in one's life and world is an overwhelming task. I like to create artwork that reminds us of a path worth taking.

Peaceful Children Around the World Notecard Set

You can find Amy's work at the following websites:

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  1. Hello! Thanks so much for your kind comments on my blog! I love your blog too! It's very peaceful and awesome!! I hope you find a Peace Rock someday! Peace & Love to you! Sasa

  2. Anonymous12/10/2010

    If only the world had more people like this artist!
    If more parents and teachers follow her example, maybe some day we will.


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