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in her words: maia art

This Friday I would like to share Maia's beautifully detailed paintings, full of love, hope and peace! I was instantly attracted to the way Maia included nature, animals, mankind and a diversity of religious and spiritual symbols in her colorful artwork. I really wanted to learn her thoughts about peace and what inspires her to express such love and joy through her art. Her thoughts are below!

Planet Shared
 In her words:

The thought of Peace, the hope of Peace and compassion truly blooming and spreading to all corners of the World is what I live for. I try to “see” the kindness and joy that others have and how they are sharing. It happens in such magical ways, from the Grandparent sitting on the ground with a child to look at bugs to what people are doing in the Middle East.

Hamsa for Peace Earth and Peoples
There are those who actively support a peaceful resolution to the ongoing Israeli conflict, they believe that wearing the Hamsa hand highlights not only the similarities of Judaism and Islam, but also the similarities of the origins of the religions. Some Jews and Muslims centered around Israel wear the Hamsa as a gesture for hope, peace, and prosperity.

Passion for Peacefulness

When I think of these things this is what I paint, I paint what my heart feels and hopes. This passion I feel for Hope, Peace and Love of our Planet and beings is what I try to share.

So if even a little is felt by someone through the art, it is a connection shared, a JOY!!

Life Path

Peace Within Our Hands

You can see more of Maia's fabulous collection of paintings, prints and gourds in her Etsy shop

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  1. Beautiful art!

    Thanks for posting on my blog thread on etsy!

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