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my friend the artist!

One of my best friends, Diane, is also one of my biggest supporters of my jewelry making endeavors. She asked for a copper stamped necklace with turquoise. I stamped "create" on this copper pendant as Diane is an artist herself.

She paints lovely local scenes of her Colorado town and beautiful florals, among other paintings. She's very talented with oils, pastels, acrylics, watercolors and pencil.

Over the summer she was one of twenty artists chosen to paint her city's
transformer boxes as part of "Art in Public Places". A great way to beautify those ugly boxes. I was thrilled for her! It was very interesting to learn how she needed to plan ahead of time to make this project a success. Graphs and blow-ups. Find the right type of outdoor paints...and so on. Diane chose to paint Devil's Backbone, a local hiking trail with interesting rock formations.

In progress. All four sides and the top will be painted.

Diane with her finished box!

Read about our hike on Devil's Backbone last Spring.

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