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in their words: the purpose-filled life of the van manens

Dave and Helene Van Manen
I would like you to meet my dear friends, Dave and Helene Van Manen, a couple who live the purposeful life many of us only think about living. They are words and thoughts in action! I have known them for many years and know first hand the level of their dedication to what they believe. Let me use a few of those words to describe this awesome couple... compassionate, understanding, peacemakers, happy spirits, nature lovers, giving back and award winning musicans.

In their words: "Peace is as peace does. Talking about peace does nothing. It is one’s daily actions that make a difference. Our lives, our loving and our work is our testimony to peacemaking in our lives, family and community."

Children's camp at the Mountain Park Environmental Center
Dave is inspired to make a difference with children on the local level by having created an award winning environmental learning center at the Mountain Park Environmental Center in Beulah, Colorado, USA. The Center is in the middle of a clearing, surrounded by pine trees, in a very peaceful mountain setting. The whole Center has been planned environmentally friendly with things like "water-less" toilets, etc.

Helene, through her work coaching women in business and women on retreats, lives her values of peacemaking. Helene is a person you can talk to because she listens with her heart, which makes her the perfect retreat coach choice. The rooms at the Center have been decorated with the help of local artists and are a dream to stay in!

Women's retreat at Mountain Park Environmental Center

 Helene: "Women need more support for being successful at every level and in turn then make a difference in the lives of their children and everyone around them. Women need more support, for their health and self care as well as for their finances. As a Women’s Business Coach, I do this and more."

I first met Dave and Helene through their singing and music. Both inspiring and beautiful, their voices captured my heart as well my children's. We've listened to them sing about taking care of the earth, recycling and creating peace and more. Their music continues to have a positive influence in the lives of my grandchildren. That's a wonderful gift!

Click on this photo to hear samples of their songs

Helene and Dave also have a CD collection of adult Van Manen music to soothe your soul. Their newest release is Earth Chants ~ Earth Songs

I asked Helene one last thing...Can you give us some ideas on how each person can make their world a more peaceful place?
"Release and let go of any prejudices you have. Work on yourself and your inner life. Then in turn, look around at your family and your community and dig in and make a  difference where it is most needed."

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