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in her words: the mandala magic of anat

Persian Priests Blessing Mandala

The mandala art of Anat Bar Shalom, of Mandalamagic1, is truly breath-taking! The meaning of her last name is "child of peace". Anat was born in Beer-Sheva, an ancient town from the bible, capital of the desert of Israel. (I had the honor of visiting Israel just a few years ago and hope to return one day.
) At my request she speaks about her art and shares her thoughts about peace below.

Air Element Butterfly Mandala

In her words: "I spent long periods living in nature. There, I learned to see the beauty of God's creation and appreciate the symmetry and harmony that exists everywhere around us, starting from the beauty of sunsets, flowers in their awesome shapes, the unbelievable color combination of forests, the colorful ocean and more. These days I'm fully connected to the sacred geometry and I see shapes and color combination in a meditative state of mind. All that's left for me to do is pass it on to the paper or canvas."

Native American Mandala

About Peace: "Peace is a very complicated word when you grow up in the Middle East! As Jewish, I always wanted to see the justice of the Palestinians together with the justice of the Israelies. We had many gatherings of Jewish-Muslim people that brought thousands of people together for a 3 days event where music was played, conversations were happening and the togetherness was so exciting! Unfortunately, those great gatherings faded away and now I only have the hope that one day all the people will understand that religion and borders are just an illusion that creates so much suffering and sorrow around the planet."

Cycle of Life Mandala
Description from her Etsy shop: In the Cycle of Life Mandala there are 5 hidden Stars of David within each other. They stand for birth, childhood, grown up, old age and death. In the middle, in blue and white we can see the cycle of the moon -it is the moon in the sky but also the inner moon in every one. If while the inner moon is dark, we will act out of love (אהבה), the moon will start to fill up and create inner peace (שלום), out of this we will develop happiness (אושר) that will lead us to abundance (שפע) when the moon is full. Out of abundance we will radiate light (אור) even when the moon is growing smaller. The light will create serenity (שלוה) that will lead us to the ultimate, unconditional love.

The first letters of the six words make the combination of fire in hebrew 3 times (אש), to remind us the need of the fire of life to make this cycle go. Around, we can see 6 pomegranats to symbolize abundance, hearts for love, flowers for growth and more "hidden" things for you to discover...

Earth Element Mandala

A mandala is a sanskrit (old indian language) word that means "A sacred circle".  Many ancient nations used mandalas for healing throughout the history. Observing or coloring a mandala works on our meditative brain waves and help us relax and calm down.

Anat also offers a wonderful selection of mandalas to color yourself


  1. Very interesting! Thank you both for sharing that information!

    When the babbling mind quiets down we re-cognize our same-ness. The human mind finds Peace boring, and so it endlessly causes drama. I've heard it said adrenaline addiction is the one chemical addiction we have in common.

  2. thees kalidoscope tipe of artwrrks are beutifl to me. my mind wrks diffrntly aftr so mcch radiashn. it dosnt see th norm. seeing thees is a new experens, but a good one!

  3. Thank you for introducing me to this artist.

    I always appreciate the heartfelt words and ideas at the root of an artist's work...

  4. Debi,
    I am very happy to see my mandalas here.
    Thank you sssooo much for giving me the opportunity to feature my art at your blog.
    A big hug,
    Anat Bar Shalom

  5. I LOVE Anat art. Her work is inspiring!
    Thank you for sharing !

  6. I saw Anat's art in her shop and each mandala is a beautiful creative art! Thanks for sharing!

  7. EfratJewelry11/20/2010

    Anat's mandalas are so special and beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing

  8. It has been a pleasure to have you here, Anat! When I look at your mandalas I can feel the beauty and the love created by you.

    Thank you to everyone who has come to share in your beautiful spirit!


I appreciate your visit and taking the time to write! Peace and Love!

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