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in her words: just give me peace - art by singleton

This is "hippie art" at it's finest! Singleton's watercolor paintings with a peace message just reach out and get me dancing. Her art lifts my heart and makes me feel young again! Okay, so I'm not that old...yet.

Splashed in Peace

"I dug my toes in deep,
buried them under the hot blanket of sand,
and sat under
the dappled shade of
a borrowed floppy hat,
listening to the roar of
banging their drums.

And there at the edge of the world,
I fell into peace..."

Words and Artwork (c) Singleton 2010

In her words: "My artwork is my voice. I so believe in Peace, and so believe that in the end, Peace wins...that Peace is the ultimate gift and much like Love, once born, it grows...We have to sprinkle breadcrumbs everywhere... I so hope yet another generation into it, our children will do the same, and one day....we'll hold hands around the world. That would make me a happy, happy camper in the sky!!! And the world, oh, will be such a better place for every child,for every dream."

A Butterfly Named Peace

Someone Grafittied the Sun

Peace on a Vine

The Color of Drums

Love Shines

Did you notice the cute sea life lurking in the first painting? And the heart?
Which one speaks to you?

You can see more of Singleton's amazing art at justgivemepeace
Visit her blog


  1. Beautiful artwork! Really calls out the hippie in me! I really love "A butterfly named Peace"

  2. My sister is crazy about peace signs :) Great post~

  3. Beautiful art work and beautiful words.......

  4. Yes, Sing is so talented! My favorite, even though I love them all, is also the butterfly. I've always been attracted to peace signs. Maybe it's b/c they have been such a huge part of my childhood in the sixties!

  5. Awwww, Thank you so very much! I'm totally wow~ed by this! May the circle be unbroken, and we all be blessed with Peace. Muah!

  6. Love and peace to you, Sing. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us!


I appreciate your visit and taking the time to write! Peace and Love!

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