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in her words: another creation

I fell in love with Michele's Judaic art as soon as I saw it on Etsy. She has a colorful shop named Another Creation. I asked her to share what inspires her to create such joyful images.

In her words: What inspires me? Color! I am intrigued by how different media on different surfaces will change how color reacts. I am an impressionist, and fauvist wrapped in one.

Most of the imagery that I create is inspired by these words from "A Prayer for Peace" "....when nation shall not threaten nation, and mankind shall not again know war...when love and justice flow like a mighty stream...And a great peace shall embrace the whole world..." ~from siddur sim shalom.


City of Peace

Prayer for Hope in Monet's Garden

Doves of Jerusalem

Shalom ll

Many of Michele's illustrations are available as greeting cards.
You can see more of Michele's art at anothercreation

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