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my bookshelf: garden of virtues


by Christina Keffler and Rebecca Donnelli and illustrated by Suzanne Etman

I was browsing through my bookshelf, for this post, and came across this colorful cover and positive content. Anytime is the perfect time to talk about a book of virtues, and many families tend to focus on this subject around the holidays.

This book is especially nice as a guide to help parents instill positive virtues in their children. For each of the 53 virtues, there is an explanation, an example on how to practice them, motivation, cultivation, and reflection. The theme is liking the parents to a "farmer" who "plants and cultivates" seeds of goodness in their children, while "weeding" out bad habits and establishing positive family rules. 

It's written in a way that any of the 53 virtues can be presented in any order. One suggestion is to focus on a virtue a week. Each virtue is given about four pages and has a lovely illustration. I've taken the virtue of compassion from the book to give you an example of how each virtue opens:

COMPASSION: Understanding another person's pain and suffering and being willing to help. Believing you can make a difference in the lives of other people.

SEEDS TO PLANT: Serve others in time of need.
WEEDS TO PULL: Avoid being self-centered.
FAMILY RULE: Be passionate about caring.

This is a simple and small book, but so helpful in creating the kind of change needed for a world based on love, tolerance, justice and compassion. It really does start at home with our children and grandchildren. With 53 virtues covered, there's a lot us grownups can learn too!

I found several copies of Garden of Virtues on Amazon, if you would like more information.

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  1. I really like this book and think I'm going to get it; not only for the family, but for kids I work with. Thanks Debi. This is a very lovely review.


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