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art picks: love letters - by kay

All I can say is WOW! Letters, colors and peace signs all rolled into one make me a happy lady. By using brilliant color and a glassy texture on 3D wood letters,  Kay Larch has developed a technique she calls "PAINTED MOSAICS". 

I couldn't wait to share Kay's art with my blog readers, so instead of featuring her work for my regular Friday post "In Her Words", she's a guest of "Art Picks"! I asked Kay what inspires her to create such amazing art and why she includes peace signs. 

In her words: My art is happy, peaceful and colorful because that is how I feel and how I wish the world would feel.

These letters come ready to hang on your wall.
You can find ALL the letters of the alphabet at Kay's Etsy store

I feel happier now that I've enjoyed Kay's artwork! 


  1. I'm honored that you featured my "Love Letters" in your wonderful blog. Thank you so much! Peace!

  2. Wow, that's some intense design work!

  3. Kay, it's wonderful having you here.

    It is intense! Fabulously detailed! Thank you for stopping by, Melody.

  4. These are astoundingly beautiful, what a talent!

  5. fabulous work of Art ,i loved the colors

  6. L O V E the letters...and peace sign! Very cool!

  7. Wow, they are so awesome! That must take ages, to get so much wonderful detail...beautiful!


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