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art picks: it's a zen thing

Zafu Meditation Cushion Cover by Eclectic Armadillo

These works of art attract the zen in my soul. The simplicity of line, color and shape instantly calm me. Not to mention how wonderful it would be to decorate my space with every one of these fabulous finds!

Sumi-e Raven in a Tree by Brazen Design Studio

Blackened Ash Vessel by Green Leaf Wood Studio

Double Ancient Garden Screen by Red Grass Designs

February Visit by 88 Editions

Namaste Pebble by sj Engraving


  1. Thanks Debi, for including my meditation cushions in your elegant Art Picks blog post. Wonderful theme and centering selection... I certainly feel honored, and inspired to dedicate a day a week to making a similar post on my own blog.

  2. You are very welcome, Sarah! I look forward to seeing your "art picks" :-)

  3. Wonderful selections they all have a peaceful vibe.

  4. I am so honoured to have my Raven Sumi-e highlighted on your blog along with so many wonderful pieces, thank you very much!


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