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devotion: many paths

Pikes Peak by one heart

"There are many paths up the Mountain,
but the view of the moon from the top is the same." 

Ancient Japanese saying


etsy treasury: holy days of peace

Jews, Muslims, Hindus, and others share major religious holidays that take place in the early autumn... Here's to interfaith peace! Treasury by Jerise

















My Interfaith Unity Bracelet is included in the last row!


art picks: dove art for peace

Peace Love Joy by BalletArt

Dove Card Set by Karmabee

Peace Glass Pendant by DMC Jewelry

Imagine Peace Dove Doodle Dish by Loveartworks

Hope Bird by naokosstoop


reflecting on compassion

Peace Dove by Jason Tennant

"Without compassion, we cannot build a just and viable world."

The following thoughts on compassion are taken from Charter for Compassion a worldwide membership from many Faiths, cultures and countries.

Compassion is most clearly and simply expressed in the Golden Rule which can be read as both “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” and “Do not treat others as you would not like to be treated yourself.”

A commitment to compassion calls us to live in the world conscious of all with whom we share the Earth and Earth’s bounty and resources.

Compassion insists that, in recognition of our common humanity, we treat every creature with justice, equality, and respect.

The Charter for Compassion calls all religions to mutual respect of one another and insists that all compassionate interpretation of scripture denies hatred and violence.

Compassion calls us to a courageous life in which risks are joyously taken on behalf of a world in which all people must be fed and housed and clothed and freed.

Compassion is not only a matter of the heart, but a mindful commitment to engage one’s whole self in the alleviation of suffering.

The call to compassion is addressed to religious bodies, to governments, to businesses and yes, even to the military. All whose power and decision-making affects others need to honor the sanctity and safety of all.

Compassion calls us out of our narrow self-centered selves, saves us from wasteful self-involvement, and opens us to the well-being offered to those who share themselves, their resources, and their love with all of humanity.

The Charter was unveiled November 12, 2009.

Origin of Charter for Compassion


oneness - a hand stamped necklace

The words stamped on this necklace are from the Baha'i Writings:

"Be as one spirit, one soul, leaves of one tree, flowers of one garden,
waves of one ocean."


art picks: handmade love for our children

I LOVE children's toys and products with a multicultural theme or peace message. Even better when they are handmade! Here are a few items that caught my eye.


Children of the World Finger Puppet Set
They can custom your order any way you want.
Other nationalities, or even super heros, animals and dinosaurs!


Peace Fidget
This mini fiddle toy has many different ribbons in varying lengths, widths, materials, and textures forming a great sensory experience for your little one.


Rainbow Love Multicultural Wool Felt Dolls
These sweet little friends are all about peace and wear their hearts for everyone to see.


We Are the World Boutique Baby Bib
All kinds of cute kids dressed in their ethnic garb. 100% chenille on back.


International Wooly Egg Girl Toy Set
So sweet and small. Perfect for imaginary play. Made with pure merino and mohair needle felted wool.

Suzanne Drown
Celebrate Diversity Batik Print
This would make a special statement on your child's bedroom wall!
Suzanne has many more beautiful prints with a peace theme.

Each of these Etsy Shops have wonderful handmade art toys and children's items!
It's worth your time to browse!


step-by-step: visual snapshot of stamped metal jewelry

From a raw copper metal sheet to a finished pendant, here's a simple look at the process of making a hand stamped copper necklace.


in her words: women around the world - by amy perrotti

I was looking around Etsy, an on-line store offering artisan handmade goods, and found these beautiful unique illustrations by artist Amy Perrotti. Not only are they wonderful to look at, but Amy celebrates the culture and womanhood of each in a way that shares similarities as well as differences. She has allowed me to share some of her wonderful artwork here!

In her words: "My husband, daughter and I became a family through international adoption. A few years ago I drew portraits of my daughter and her friends as matryoshka. I had such a good response to the matryoshka drawings that I decided to draw more. My matryoshka have design elements in common, because I wish to illustrate that we all as people have things in common. My wish is for a more compassionate and peaceful world."

Pakistani Girl by Amy Perrotti

Native American Woman by Amy Perrotti

Japanese Geisha by Amy Perrotti

Cambodian Girl by Amy Perrotti

Bahia Brazilian Woman by Amy Perrotti

Aqua Indian Girl by Amy Perrotti

American Women by Amy Perrotti

You can see more of Amy's work on Etsy
Amy's blog

A matryoshka doll, also known as a Russian nesting doll or a babushka doll, is a set of dolls of decreasing sizes placed one inside the other. The word matryoshka (матрёшка) is derived from the Russian female first name Matryona (Матрёна), and babushka (бабушка) is the Russian word for "grandmother, granny".


custom earring collage - for diane

A very good friend of mine, Diane, came for a visit recently and we had a great time going through my beads looking for ideas for earrings. Here's our collaboration below!

Designed by One Heart Jewelry


blog blast for peace - november 4, 2010

Let There Be Peace...

In 16 days
bloggers around the globe will be posting for peace during the 7th annual launch of BlogBlast for Peace, also known as Dona Nobis Pacem in the blogworld. Learn more about how to join and get your own globe for peace!


art picks: i felt like white today

Raceytay Something Blue

BigFrozenMelon White Crocheted Scarf

buckscountyframes She Knows

WickedSoap Oatmeal Milk and Honey Soap

Lucy Snowe Shimmer

S o o t h i n g. C a l m i n g.

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