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a brilliant star and celebrating oneness

Creating jewelry that expresses the oneness of humanity and celebrating the growth of our spiritual selves is what I love best. Today I posted two new pieces in my Etsy Shop that do both.

"Flowers of One Garden" is inspired by many references in the Baha'i Writings of the diversity of flowers in a garden to the diversity of race, culture, gender, and many other differences, that is encouraged to co-exist in harmony, and is in fact preferable.

"Make me a brilliant star" is part of a short prayer that many young Baha'i children, including my own, learn as their first introduction to the experience of prayer and the Baha'i Writings.

Also see A Human Garden a blog post about oneness .


hand stamped earth mama necklaces

I had fun making these special request necklaces for a wonderful customer in Wisconsin. After stamping these sterling silver pendants, I oxidized and buffed them just enough to give a old style patina to the silver and bring out the stamped patterns. Added small gemstone beads and one African clay bead for festive color and texture.

lapis, garnet, adventurine, african clay bead

carnelian, black onyx, shell, african clay bead


simplifing my home - progress update

I'm on my own personal mission to clear the space around me to create a greater sense of peace and simplicity. See previous posts. I thought I liked the idea of counting my items, per the 100 Thing Challenge, until I felt overwhelmed. I realized I needed to do it by "feel". In other words, keep eliminating until it feels right. Counting my things seemed a bit obsessive, when all I'm trying to do is create order and space, which in turn, for me, leads to a calmer environment.
I found a great blog post by Zen Habits that fits well with my vision of what I'm trying to accomplish. I didn't realize how much stuff I really own that I don't use. (We all say that, don't we!) The first day I actually looked around at everything, really looked, and I felt a little anxious. It's going to take more work than I originally planned for. Two reasons why:

The first reason is that I don't believe in just dumping it-whether to a thrift store, family or friends, or the trash bin. I feel responsible to find homes for most of my stuff in a way that makes the least impact to my environment. After all, I created this situation. (By the way, I'm NOT a hoarder!) I'm sorry that I didn't have the awareness that I feel I have now.

The second reason is I have financially invested in this stuff, and it's great usable stuff. I feel the need to make something back and at the same time I have learned that I don't need to replace any of this stuff with more stuff! It's worthy of a one time trip to the flea market. I'll make enough to reward my efforts and buyers will continue the cycle of recycle, re-purpose and reuse. It's a win-win!

Other ways I have gotten rid of my stuff:

Craig's List for furniture, household and craft items-I have very good results. Sold a lot this way.

Freecycle for anything I don't feel I can sell on CL. Just post what you have to others in your community, free for the taking. With the economy and lack of jobs, people are always looking for creative ways to acquire needed items, including myself. It works!

Good quality clothes can be placed in a clothing consignment shop. When items sell, the owner sends you a check for your share. I've done this for small home furnishings as well.

Donate to Non-profit fund-raiser yard sales (think animal groups), Women's shelters and the Red Cross.
Back to my de-clutter progress ~ the bedroom has tons of space now. What's left is a futon bed, a small chair and two small low side tables. A small twig lamp on the table by the bed and a bamboo plant on the second table. The bamboo plant table holds my spiritual items as well. I have one very pretty family photo collage hanging on the wall. The rest of the walls are bare. The wall paint is called winter wheat. A kind of light yellow that glows when the sun hits it and calm the rest of the time. The bed covers are all white, soft cotton cashmere, with one very plush soft tan decorator pillow for texture. Calm and peaceful. Just how I like it.

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